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ZerOS has now been superseded by ZerOS (Release Candidate)

Dear All,

We have released ZerOS (Public Beta Release) for all Zero 88 lighting consoles (except FROG2) and servers running the ZerOS Operating System. This will be called "ZerOS 7.9.8" once released.

This is a pre-release build of ZerOS. It is not recommend for use on live shows.


Please remember that you run this software at your own risk. Although we always try our best to help in all situations, please be sensible when you install this software. Don't install new software on your console mid-run or when it is critical that your console is fully operational.

If you are unhappy with the Beta software, you can backdate to the current release version of ZerOS by downloading the software from this link:

The installation process wipes EVERYTHING on the console (both the Linux operating system and the ZerOS application) and reinstalls from scratch, so it's absolutely fine to backdate a console's software.

If you are going to load a showfile onto Beta Software, please keep an original version of the showfile safe, encase the Beta Software saves data that can not be read on a previous Release Version of software.

When loading showfiles from previous versions of ZerOS, fixtures are highlighted in red within the Fixture Schedule. These are now “legacy” fixture personalities. The Fixture Schedule provides the ability to convert these to the new ZerOS Library format. When fixtures of a single fixture type are selected within the Fixture Schedule, the “Change Profile” column will instead say “Convert Profile”.

Showfiles saved in this version of ZerOS are saved with the file extension “.zos”. They are not backwards compatible with previous versions of ZerOS and may not be forwards compatible with the final public release of ZerOS.

Specific areas to test:

  • Anything and everything to do with fixtures!
    • Patching fixtures
    • Controlling fixtures, including...
      • Parameter descriptions
      • Parameter details
    • Programming fixtures
    • Playing back fixtures
    • Palettes, auto palettes and referencing palettes, including...
      • Colour swatches
      • Gobo previews
    • Home, default, max levels
    • Fixture Macros
    • "Beam" and "Shape" functionality, including...
      • Cue fades & delays
      • UDK fades
      • Default fades & delays
      • Fader controls...
      • Move on Dark (specifically "Don't move Beam" and "Don't move Shape")
      • Shape & Beam "Wheel Editing modes"
      • Chase attribute fade percentages




If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,

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Hi Mac,

1 hour ago, Uriahdemon said:

On the main issue for me i.e. the lag when selecting various playback pages.  All seems good although I have only used PhantomZerOS at this stage

Great, thanks for having a play and testing this.

1 hour ago, Uriahdemon said:

On the fixtures turning red i.e. legacy.  What would be the drawbacks of just sticking with the fixture files I have currently please....??

There won’t be any drawbacks to sticking with the red “legacy” fixtures. However if you want to change your fixtures in the console to a different fixture type, we advise converting the red fixtures to their equivalent library fixtures first, and then change the fixtures to a different type in the usual way. 

If you have any questions let us know.


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Hi Mac,

Thank you very much for posting the debug file. Do you know the exact steps you did, and the exact point that Phantom ZerOS crashed? For example was it the point of applying the effect, applying an offset? Any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

I have passed the debug file onto the software team, who will investigate this to see what the cause may have been. This is logged on our system as reference number ZOS-10403.

If you have any questions please do let us know.


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