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van den abbeele Eric

FLX Problems / Tactile not working, Wings 2 problems too !

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since I received the FLX of repair (Party of your loaux) and which seemed repaired, I had not had spectacle nor had the occasion to be able to try it in situation.
I had just turned it on with the use of the internal screen and only with 1 wing. And everything seemed fine.

I thought everything was working without worries.

Being in a show this weekend, I wanted to connect the external touch screen, (the one you recommend) I could not calibrate it so impossible to be able to use it in touch ...
In fact sometimes I manage to make a cross to touch, sometimes two crosses to touch, sometimes, Three but impossible to be able to draw the screen.
What poses another concern is the access to the playlist "MAster playback" to modify the fades in and fade out ...

Wing 1 OK
Wing 2 Problems
But the second concern is on the side of wings 2, where the display of pages is bumpy, and where the button for choosing "channels / playback" does not work and the leds of certain chanels remain lit whatever do. Given the short time I have left I only had time to try other USB sockets .... But nothing else ...

The rehearsals arriving this evening I try to manage by wishing that other Bugs do not arrive.

I tried to go from version 7.9.7 to 7.9.6 which is the version that you had installed when the FLX was at your home in repair, and I said to myself that maybe some things could have caused problems in the last update.

In view of the number of shows arriving in the coming weeks, I am really very upset, because playing with two wings, without a functional touch screen !!!

the ideal being bought another functional FLX ... But the price is there ...

Thanks for your help

PS sorry I can't access my emails from here ...

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