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Mail notification does not seem to work for me

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I find email notification very spurious/random and it's been this way for years. I follow/contribute to a fair number of posts and normally get no emails. On occasion I'll get an email to say there is a new post, but it seems a random event. Sometimes (though rarely) I'll get a "Weekly Digest", but it's always "old news" as I'm generally on the forum quite regularly.

Conclusion -> email notification is of little practical use to me at least!

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At least it's not me only.

I like to be able to ask for email notification, especially in forums I do not closely follow. I don't have the time to browse through forums trying to find out if there is new content of interest. Getting an email is very useful to remember me "hey, there might be someting interesting to read". But for this it must be reliable.



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Hi both,

1 hour ago, phunsoft said:

At least it's not me only.

No it isn't, we will have to look at this.

@kgallen - Do you get notifications when I tag you like this?

4 hours ago, kgallen said:

Conclusion -> email notification is of little practical use to me at least!

Or if I quote you like this?! Or is it seemingly just random?


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Neither (yet). But that could be my Notification setup looking earlier, I don't think I'm enabled for quotes. I'll go and change that now.

I already have the two "Automatically follow" settings like Peter has above which you would think would generate some email traffic.

Last email I got was from Oli's post on his fader problem. This is an FLX Forum post, and I follow that Forum. But there are plenty more posts there than I get emails for.

Before then, "ZerOS7.9.7 Release" (December).

Before then a post on "Understanding Smart Tag" (also Dec), before then a post on "New firmware and global bpm" (November), before then "Programming Additional Movers" (October) and before that "ZerOS 7.9.6 Released" (September).

So pretty random and about one a month then (2 in December, none in January!), and we both know there is a lot more traffic than that on the Forum that I'm likely to be interested in.

If the latest Forum software is supposed to be reliable then it could be my settings (probably close to default). Certainly in the past it's been "good for nuthin'" !

...and they aren't going into spam, I do get them when they come!

...oh but I do get "everything" in the Forum notification - the bell icon at the top gets a red dot when you quote me.

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It's started... just got "Patching without a monitor?" update email...

However the quoted reason is "You are receiving this email because you are following Edward- Z88" rather than it being triggered by following or contributing.

And just got a "bell" notification.

It never rains...!

(Just checked, I've not contributed to that thread, although I've been reading it.)

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Just got an email for your above post on this thread, but a different cause:

"Prefer to stop receiving these emails? Adjust your notification preferences."

So that one must have come about from one of the email prefs I changed.

Oh and the bl**dy bell now! 🤣

I bet Peter is getting lots of spam now with the same settings!

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