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Robe 600 LED Wash

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Does anyone have any experience of using this fixture with the FLX at all? 

When using the CTO to get a nice warm colour temparature, the colour fade seems to stop working. If I go from green to red (for example), everything fades as expected, however if I go from any colour to the built in CTO, it fades to blue (from green) and then suddently snaps to CTO. 

I'm not sure how CTO actually works, is it simply a pre-programed set of different RGBW combinations, or is it more clever than that (such as altering the wattage of the LEDs for example)?

Thanks as always! 


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I don’t know this fixture but I expect the CTO is implemented on a separate DMX channel to the vanilla RGB, so the RGB channels are ‘fading down’ whilst the CTO channel ‘fades up’. But the CTO channel is probably bands of DMX values giving different CTC/CTO temperatures, so what you get is RGB fading down whilst CTO steps up through a number of CTC (blue) settings until it hits the CTO range.

I expect the CTO/CTC is just implemented with an appropriate mix of RGB than anything clever. 

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Hi Rob,

As far as the console is concerned, it will be treating the CTO parameter just like any other, and it will be using the colour fade time at the same rate as the other colour parameters. As Kevin suggests, you may be seeing the CTO parameter fade from cooler colours into the warmer colours, and therefore go via blues. 

The very basic description of how CTO typically works, is depending on the level of the CTO parameter, the fixture will essentially add a “max level” in for the RGBW parameters, and as the CTO is raised, the blue chips will be lowered, hence warming the colour temperature. This allows you to therefore mix a colour using the colour picker, and then warm it up by increasing the CTO.

If you are getting some odd colour fades through doing this, I’d recommend programming second cue after the RGBW fade, and then change the CTO. This could automatically follow afterwards, and have its own custom fades to get the colour path you need.

Hope this helps,



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