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Jon Hole

Updates to forum

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We want our forums to be as welcoming and user-friendly as possible to new users, so today we rolled out some changes.

Our specific focus was to ensure a question can only live in one place. Previously, if I was operating Phantom ZerOS, running as FLX, and didn't know how to control strobe - I and to decided between "ZerOS Apps & Phantom ZerOS", "ZerOS", "FLX" and "Fixture Library". Now there's a single, clear location.

Here's a full list of the changes:

  1. Some forums have been renamed
    1. "Dimmers" is now "Power"
    2. "Network & Data Distribution" is now "Data"
  2. "Operator Database" has been combined into "General Discussion"
  3. New "Legacy products" category combines all legacy forums in one place
  4. Legacy sub-forums have been combined to create a single forum per product
    1. Jester Range
    2. Frog Range MK1
    3. Illusion Range
  5. Some forums have been closed. Posts will slowly be moved to an alternative, relevant forum.
    1. ZerOS
    2. ZerOS Apps
    3. Fixture Library & Editor

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