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Hi all,

I recently got my hands on a FLX S48 2U. I installed the latest software update (7.9.7).
I was playing with moving heads and movement effects. Most of these have a standard offset. My question is: can i change the offset. when I enable the effect the offset is to significant for most of my use cases but when I turn the offset encoder there is no offset at all. Is it possible to get something in between?

Thank you in advance


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Hi Mil,

Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum.

11 hours ago, lugamil said:

Most of these have a standard offset. My question is: can i change the offset.

As you have found, most effects have an auto offset. If you want to quickly change this, you can use the quick offset options along the top of the effects window. If you want to customise the offset, you can use the Offset encoder wheel. If you simply dial the Offset wheel, in the same way when you dial speed you give that speed value to all selected fixtures, you give the displayed offset value to all selected fixtures. As a result, each fixture is not offset from one another.

As Kevin mentions above, if you hold SHIFT and dial the Offset encoder, you fan the offset values across the selected fixtures, in the order of selection. There are 4 fan behaviours to choose from, which can be configured by holding SETUP, and tapping the Effect tab. You can then hold Z/SHIFT, and choose the Fan behaviour you would like when the Shift key is held.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know.


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