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Stage Layout on FLX S(24)

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Hi Team,

I am sure most of you already know (or use) this, but maybe it can help any "newby" like me:

Using (and knowing) other consoles, I was missing at FLX S the possibility to place my fixtures on a virtual stage, and to simply select them by position.
Even selecting by automatically created groups needs lot of time for looking all of the small buttons, and to read the (very small) names on it.

So I did following:

1) Do NOT automatically create groups of your fixtures, but instead
2) create groups by position (and type, if needed), so e.g. select all washers at the left bottom side of the stage
3) RECORD and use a free slot in the group-window, according to the position of the fixtures

In my case there are washers at the bottom of the stage, some LED-pars on the left and on the right, moving heads and blinders in front:


You can add additional, "position-independent" groups by simply scrolling down to the lower half of the screen by using the slider on the right.

Hope this helps,



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Yes, I already found out while trying. Since there are a lot of (useful) wishes for external "Monitor"(App), this would be one of them ;-) Maybe, far, far in the future, there will be a real layout window, similar to many other lighting consoles :-)

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