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Clay Paky Alpha Beam 300 Fixture Profile

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Thanks Edward.

I'm happy to have a go at this, I could do with keeping my hand in. If I do this do gobo images have to be 25x25 pixels?

Ch5 no strobe info 

Ch7 There is no gobo info

Ch13 No reset info appearing on the beam page

ch14 No lamp control

On further inspection the colour wheel on Ch4  might be more complex than I first thought. The fixtures have 3 possible settings available on their control panel 1 Linear Colour. 2 Full Colour  and Rainbow effect . From combinations of having these on or off  it gives 6 different variations of the way Ch4 behaves. The Clay Paky manual doesn't make it easy but I have attached it if that helps

And the brochure has some better images of the gobos https://www.claypaky.it/media/documents/Alpha300_Brochure_EN.pdf 




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That manual looks really good. I think you have all the info there you need. If you need any tips then have a look at a MAC250 or MAC500 fixture profile as it will have similar entries.

Give me a shout if you want me to have a bash at making one as an example. 


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