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Desktop Query 7.9.2

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Hi - I've just seen that the new upgrade is available. I'm loading in for a show tomorrow so I won't update now, seeing as everything is working pretty much.

I wanted to ask about the desktop feature - I like the option to choose desktop 1,2,3 etc using the mouse at the bottom of the screen and I also use the wheels setting sometimes (because I have a dodgy LCD on my console, to see what the wheels do for each fixture)

I want to use Desktop 3 for output, but I can't see how to add desktop 'panels' to each Desktop - tried pressing the 'output button' but it doesn't appear to do anything if Desktop 3 is selected. At the moment desktops 3 - 5 are all blank.

Any clues?




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Hi Tim,

To move windows onto new desktops, you’ll need to use the SPECIAL -> Screen button. Therefore view desktop 3, tap Outputs, and if the Output Window doesn’t appear tap SPECIAL, and choose Screen from the MFKs. It should then appear. You can then use the Size button to resize the window.

Hope this helps,


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