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Speed Override Not Working

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If I assign the Speed Override function to a fader, and then run an effect either via a playback or directly from the programmer, adjusting the fader seems to make no change to the speed of the running effect. I have also tried setting "Fader Controls: Effect" on the playback, this seems to make no change.


It's worth noting that setting a fader to a grand master control does work, so it seems strictly related to the Speed Override function. 


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Speed Override will control the speed of effects in the currently viewed playback. Therefore record your effect to a playback, and then hold MEMORIES and tap the playback button to view it. The Speed Override fader can then be used to speed up or slow down the effect. It will not adjust the speed of effects in the programmer. This can be done using the Speed encoder wheel.

Fader Controls effect can be enabled on a playback with an effect recorded, so that the fader will scale the effect speed and size from the current state, to the programmed lighting state. 

Hope this helps,


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