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Problem with update FLX S48

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I have a problem with flx s48 firmware update. I make all steps like that say in this http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/1518909581/ZerOS-Software-Update-on-Consoles-running-ZerOS-7-8-2-39-or-older.htm

An i tried to make the step for the bootable usb. I see this steps o this http://support.zero88.com/Legacy-Products/Legacy-Consoles/Legacy-ZerOS/ORB-XF/998317101/Advice-when-performing-ZerOS-software-upgrades.htm

But the problem remains.

I 'll tried to install first the version 7.9.5 and after the version 7.9.6. But nothing.

My console is Zero88 FLX S48 with firmware version

My USB Stick is Kingstone 32GB Data Traveler SE9 DTSE9G2.

Windows PC

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Nick,

The console simply requires the ZerOS OS USB Creator application file, with the .exe file extension. Click the .exe file, and the console will then begin the upgrade.

As Kevin says, make sure the install file is on the roof of the USB stick, not inside any folders. 

Hope this helps,


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