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Leap Frog 96 zerOS 7.9.6 DMX output stuck while changing submaster page

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Hi there,

hope, anyone can help me with this problem:

I use a Leap Frog 96 with actual zerOS 7.9.6

I set up a simple tilt move effect with 4 moving heads, connected to DMX universe1, using DMX out on the desk.

The effect runs very smooth and stable until I do the following:

- change the page of the submasters

- change the page of the MFKs

- change the MFKs section

- do any other change that results in a rewrite of LCDs

the DMX output stucks for a short while, until page setup has finished and LCD write has finished.

I also tested this behaviour with an effect-based shutter chase and a chaser-based Tilt move.

I do not have any problems while changigng pages, if there is no change on LCD. For example change submaster bank without any submaster named or used.

So I came to the conclusion, that writing to the LCDs does disturb continous calculations and/or DMX output for a short while.

After searching in the forum a lot I think, there is no difference between Leap Frog and solution hardware.

So what is my problem?

Actual I can't use the desk for a show, because almost every user action does disturb the output.

I have this problems also with earlier versions of zerOS.

Many Thanks for Your help!


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