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Fading fixture brightness on submasters

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OK... I just came across the release notes for version 10.4 (a former employee updated the desk... I knew that but only had the old manual). Anyhow... I figured out the tagging/untagging issues... I'm confident I can solve most of my issues. The thing I am still concerned about is getting the fixture to fade out (brightness) when I bring down the submaster which has a memory transferred to it.


I guess an explicit description of how to "make sure the brightness is down to zero on the virtual fixtures before outputting from memories or submasters" would probably sort me out.


Thanks so much for your help.....

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Altering the virtual brightness of a fixture is fairly straightfoward - select the fixture(s) you wish to alter, press Brightness, so that the wheels change function and the middle wheel becomes Dimmer. Now wheel the intensity down, and the virtual brightness levels will be reduced. Once these are at 0%, the fixtures will replay their brightnesses at the level they were at when you programmed the memory (or submaster).

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I'm a new user and I'm trying to get my head round the Fat Frog in a hurry. It seems the easiest way to do what I want is to program submasters with a state (for robe movers). I have figured out how to include the gobo (they weren't resetting, because of the tagging - thanks forum!), but what was a simple fader (submaster) before that also controlled brightness as well as colour, etc (ie. 0% was dark, 100% up full brightness) no longer fades the heads when I pull it back.


Where am I going wrong? I have figured out how to edit the fade / skip (?) parameters for colour, brightness and gobo in the intervening time too - would this be whats causing it?



Help much apprecciated...







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