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Swinging elephant trunks!

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I have 4 movers hung above. The effect I want to create is beams swinging across the stage.  ‘Swinging elephant trunks’ I think is the most visual way of describing this! At one time I might want to phase align all 4 so they move in unison and at other times I will want to have the 4 moving in an arbitrary phase to each other, but the period would be the same. 

What is the quickest way to achieve this (as a movement effect stored in a palette). I guess I need to use a sine wave on the pan and/or tilt and offset this randomly across the 4 fixtures. 

Your wisdom please!

Thanks, Kevin

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Hi Kevin,

From your description, I would use a Horizontal Line effect on the 4 fixtures, and then try forward, backward and random offsets, to see if any of these work for you. Alternatively, you can fan offset values across the fixtures, by holding SHIFT and dialling the offset wheel. To get more specific, you could you select the first fixture, apply an offset of 0, then hold SHIFT + tap the right arrow to select the next fixture, and then set a custom offset value on the encoders. Then repeat for the remaining fixtures.

To occasionally have them swinging in unison, you could also fan speed values across the fixtures, so each fixture is running at a slightly different speed.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. 


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