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Playback for hazer or smoke machine

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Is there an easy way to make a two step playback for haze/smoke?

Thinking about:

Step 1 (for smoke): 5 to100% "effect" (smoke pump) at 5 to 60 sec (the "effect" is easy to change in the step - but what about time......?

Step 2:  0% "Effect" for 30 seconds to ?? minutes.

Can´t really figure out how to do it on my FLX S24s 😞

If I make the playback as a chase each step is the same duration........ and it is not working for me.......

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Hi Carsten,

Rather than running the cues as a chase, you could configure auto follow-on in the cue settings so that they follow after each other with custom timings.

To do this, view the playback that contains these 2 cues by pressing and holding VIEW and tapping the playback's button. Then go into the settings of cue 1, and from the Trigger drop down choose auto after. You can then configure a wait time. This is the time cue 2 is active before cue 1. You can then click OK. Then go into the settings of cue 2, and again set an auto after of the time you wish cue 1 to output before cue 2.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know.


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