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4 channel vs 7 channel RGBW LEDs

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I’m considering hiring an FLX S24. I was wondering whether there is any difference between setting an RGBW LED fixture in standard 4 channel more or one of the 5/6/7 channel modes. On a standard desk it is nice to be able to set the colour and dimmer separately. Does it make any difference on the S24? Or does the desk work it all out for you and the effect is the same?

Thanks very much.

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Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum. 

It all depends on the LED fixtures you wish to control, and the parameters that are available for each mode. 

Usually if you are no where near the DMX channel count limits on the console/ your DMX universe, you may as well operate the fixtures in the largest channel count mode possible, to have access to all of the fixture’s features.

On FLX S24, for a 4 channel RGBW fixture there will actually be 5 controls available - RGBW plus a dimmer. The console gives access to the dimmer parameter and calculates how to scale the RGBW controls accordingly. For a 7 channel RGBW fixture, in most cases these are RGBW, plus a dimmer, strobe, and some sort of colour macro or mode channel. You therefore have to ask yourself whether you would use the extra channels for your lighting design. Consult your fixture’s manual/ patch it into the console to see what parameters each mode provides - this should help you decide.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let me know. 


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Ah ok, that makes sense. So unless I want the extra features like stobe or macros etc then it doesn’t actually make any difference?

As you suggest though, I’m nowhere near the channel limit (yet!)... feels like I should change everything into 7 channel mode!

Really appreciate the help. I’d love to give the S24 a try but I’m struggling to justify the hire cost for our little village panto. I’ve begged, borrowed and  cobbled together about 30 LED fixtures though including 4 moving heads so I may have slightly backed myself into a corner!

Thanks again.

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