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Copying Multiple Cues

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Hi there,

I’m revamping a current show and the running order has changed. Is there any way to copy multiple cues on the FLX s48 to move an entire number or do I have to copy and move each individually?





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Hi Rachael,

Welcome to the Zero 88 Forum.

This can be done on FLX S48, however only by using an external keyboard.

If for example you wanted to copy cues 1 through to 10, and paste them in cues 51 through to 60, you can tap Copy (found by pressing Z/Shift), and type 1>10 in the "From" field, and type 51 in the "To" field.

The cues will be copied. To then remove cues 1 through to 10, you can type DELETE 1 THRU 10, followed by pressing the playback button that these cues are stored onto. The console will then ask you to confirm deleting these cues.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions let us know.


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