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Hi all,

i was just wondering how can i connect 2 NJD Microbeams 100's to a Fat Frog Desk, i noticed that they are in the fixture libary. anychance of a step by step guide would be really appreciated.

Thanks Very Much



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Hi Nick


Step-by-step guide:


1. copy the fixturefile with the fixture Microbeam100 on it on a floppy-disk. (name should beginn with "gft") And insert this disk in the diskdrive of your fatfrog

2. Enter the super user menu

3. Select "Desk Setup"; "Assign Fixtures"

4. Free Fixtures-select-buttons are now assigned with a * beside the number - select a free-one with the buttons + or -

5. switch to the next field by pressing "arrow-down"button once

6. press the "-" button once (You should now read the following: "Select fixture from floppy disk"

7. press "Enter" -> There is now a new window coming up "load fixture type"

8. with the "+" or "-" buttons search now the manufacturer name NJD

9. when found: press the "down arrow button" once

10. now you should be able to select the microbeam 100 by scrolling through the list by pressing the "+" or "-" buttons

11. when selected press enter -> you have now assigned one microbeam 100 to the desk

12. repeat the steps 4 to 11 for a further microbeam

13. when completed, move the cursor to exit and press enter

14. select now the patch functions and press enter

15. select "manual patch" and press enter

16. scroll down the list with the "down-arrow button" till you reach the fixtures, you assigned the microbeams to

17. with the "+" and "-" buttons you can now select the DMX start address of your microbeams (must be the same as selected on your microbeams)

17. now exit the manual patch, exit patch functions, exit desk setup, if your asked to save changes press ok

18. exit super user

19. connect your microbeams to your fatfrog (DMX-cable) and to the power supply, switch them on (if necessary)

20. now you should be able to control your microbeams with your fat frog!



I hope this step by step instruction is good enough and helps you


Greetings stagefrog

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Thanks Stage Frog!

One of the problems i think i may get is that the output from the NJD Microbeam is a 3 pin XLR (normal sound cable)

I went to stage electrics in newcastle yeasterday to have a go on the desk and for the life of me cant remember on the back of the desk if it is 3 pin input or 5. what would i do if it is 3 pin. just must be able to do it beacause if you couldnt it wouldnt in the fixture libary!

Oh yea, lol here is another question. The back of the lantern is a series of switches, if i get the manual will i be able to use these to chance the address or is it just pot luck!

Thanks for the help once again



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Hi Nick


- The fatfrog's DMX-output is a 5pin XLR-socket. To connect your microbeam with the 3pin XLR socket all you need is an adaptor from XLR 5pin-male to XLR 3pin-female.


- I don't know the microbeam, but normally this kind of moving mirrors have so called DIP-switches on the back of the lantern. This switches should be labelled with 1; 2; 4; 8; 16; 32; 64; 128; 256

But it's possible that they are labelled from 1 to 9. If so, these numbers are only a reference for the binary DMX address-labels 1; 2; 4; 8; 16; 32; 64; 128; 256.

So if you are about to select the DMX-start-adress of 1 for the first microbeam, just switch the first Dip switch to the on position. For the second microbeam keep in mind, that the microbeam has, i think 8 DMX channels. For the second lantern check, that you choose a DMX-Start-address which is at least 8 numbers higher than the first, in this case 9.

To select 9 switch the Dip-switch 1 and 4 to the on position (because 1 + 8 = 9).


Hope, this helps again.


Greetings stagefrog

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