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Dimming Problem with ETC Colorsource

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I have problem with the fade-down on my ETC ColorSource PAR an Spot.

The dimming-down on the channels works fine, it dimms slowly.

If i dimmimg-down with a programmed-submaster, the last few percents (6-10%) will stop the lights immediately.

Does any of you have any idea where the mistake could be?



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Hi Tapani,

Hold SETUP and press the flash button below the Playback fader.

Click "Raise and Lower" along the top.

You can either reduce the "Trigger/Release Level" to 0%, or you can disable "Release on Lower".

I suggest changing the "Trigger/Release Level".

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Tapani - are you really solved with this issue because of the Release on Lower setting or do you still have a query related to the lime emitter ‘misbehaving’? With so many emitters in these ETC fixtures you’ll find the other colours on subsequent pages by pressing the Colour button multiple times. If not it would suggest the fixture definition is deficient  

Sorry if you’re an experienced user and already know this. 

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