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Slow progressive colour change

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I'd like to create a sunrise effect across 50 led fixtures on a cyc. So, start blue and gradually change to orange as a sweep across the fixtures, over 5 minutes or so. Is there a quick way to do this on FLX? Or do I need 50 separate cues to change each pixel with a fade of 30s or so, and auto follow each cue after, say, 6s?

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Yes, for this I'd program a new playback. Record 50 cues, each one turning each pixel from your chosen blue, to your chosen orange. I'd recommend using palettes for this, so that if you wish to change your night time blue, or your sunrise orange, you can update the colour palettes and all 50 cues update automatically. As you step through each fixture and change it from blue to orange, you may find the SHIFT + Right Arrow key shortcut helpful, for selecting the Next fixture.

Then for each cue set a colour fade of 30 seconds, and an Auto With trigger, with a wait of 6 seconds. I'd recommend temporarily changing the console fade time defaults, to save you having to change 50 cue's fade times. To do this tap SETUP -> Defaults -> Cue Colour Fade.

You can then trigger this playback from a cue in your Master Playback if you wish, whenever you need to use this sunrise effect.

Hope this helps,


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