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Equinox 120 Zoom - no light (Newbie)

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I have patched an Equinox Fusion 120 from pick list and FLXS24 has assigned 16 channels to it. Have set Fusion 120 to 16ch mode.

When I slide up the fader no lights come on but it seems to allow Color picking and pan, zoom and tilt work.

I factory reset the Fusion 120 and first one starts on channel 1 on console and fixture and a red blinking dot shows DMX signal going to it/ them.


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No expert on this fixture but have a look at what value ch7 is set to. A common trap (with non-LEDs) is that the shutter has to be set to something non-zero for any light to come out. Some LED fixtures seem to emulate this behaviour. You will also need one or more of the RGBW channels to be non-zero but I suspect you've thought of that.

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See if there is a “Shutter” parameter or similar under the Beam attribute. What value is this set to? 

Most fixtures personalities should be configured so that when intensity is raised, you will achieve White light output. Therefore parameters such as RGBW or Shutter are preset at values specified in the fixture’s manual to allow this. 


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