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connect Phantom with L8 on same PC

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      I'm trying to connect phantom with my light converse L8 (Visualize only) but I can't although taking the procedures below:
1-  I patched 5 Arri L7 on both using Artnet DMX input.
2- Phantom Set up - Universal - DMX   (Enabled)
3- Phantom Set up - Universal - streaming ACN  (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop.
4- Phantom Set up - Universal  Artnet 4 - Light converse integration (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop
5- Phantom Set up - Universal CITP (Capture) (Enabled) - IP Address same of laptop.
6- Desk Universal 1 - output 1 - Rigsync disabled -  streaming ACN univ 1 - default priority -  Artnet univer 1 - CITP univ 0. 
note: there's no signal on the universal Net 1 on Light converse. 
Please advice.
Walid B

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Hi Walid,

If you wish to communicate with Light Converse, you'll need to route your lighting data to the PC's loopback IP address, which is It will be one of the IP options on Phantom for each protocol.

I believe Light Converse will be listening on this IP, however you may need to manually change this in Light Converse.

Only use one of the protocols to communicate with Light Converse, and disable the rest. It doesn't matter which protocol you use from Phantom's point of view - I'm not sure whether Light Converse recommend a protocol in particular.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions just let us know.


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