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Demux 48 output flicker

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Hi All,

I have a Demux 48 that works reliably most of the time, but occassionaly, once powered up, will cause flicker on all the analogue output channels as if all channels are set to zero and then the correct values are re-established. The problem can go away after several power-down/power-up sequences. The demux is at the end of a 30m DMX cable and has a terminator plugged into the unit. DMX is being driven by an ENTTEC Open DMX USB dongle. Is this a battery issue or something else?

Any thoughts or opinions welcome...

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I would recommend dropping us an email to support@zero88.com, and our Service Manager Keith will be able to get back to you.

I'm sure Ian Knight will be along soon too, who will also have suggestions for what may be the cause.


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It doesn't sound like a battery issue per se but the fact that it's affecting all the outputs suggest it's more than just an LM324 driver failing - what dimmers is it driving?

Does it have the negative output kit fitted? If it does have the Neg output kit, then it might be the voltage rail that drives those starting to go thermal but the other thought is "When did you have the internal battery replaced?" - if it's never been replaced, the battery might be leaking and "eating" the PCB - often the tracks that provide some of the power on reset cycles.

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