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User Profile selection issue

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I edited a fixture profile on my PC to remove the annoying "feature" whereby the strobe effect is the second half of the intensity fader. I installed it with the same name as the original which caused an issue. It worked fine until I power cycled the console whereupon the desk reverted to the original fixture profile. Is it possible to delete the original fixture profile? Or do I just need to use a different name (which is what I've done and it works)?

Many thanks


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Hi Benjamin,

Did you swap your original fixture to your edited fixture? If so did you power cycle the console before exiting Setup? Changes made in setup are not stored until you exit setup, which may be why you changed the fixture, power cycled, and the old one was back again. 

There is no way of deleting fixtures from the library on the console.

As Kevin says, when loading in fixture profiles make sure they are named differently to those already in the library, otherwise you won’t be able to tell the difference between the two. 

Hope this helps,


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