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What are macros for

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Hi Ethan,

When you press "Automatically Create Macros", these are Fixture Macros, which are generated from the currently patched fixtures.

However, Macros can also be programmed, to save you button presses on the console. For example, you might program a macro that selects some fixtures, and takes you straight to the colour MFKs. 

This would be programmed by using the following command:

RECORD -> MACRO -> choose an empty Macro MFK -> Choose to record either keys, or the command line -> select your fixtures -> COLOUR -> MACRO. The macro is now stored, and now when you press this macro palette, the fixtures will be selected and colour will display on the MFKs. Macros can then be triggered by cues, meaning you could simply record a macro of the Playbacks page button being pressed, and then have this triggered by a cue in the cue stack when you need to access the next playback page.

If you have any queries let me know.


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