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Philipp M.

Leap Frog 48 Live Setup

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Hi all,

i'm working honorary for an association, which runs two live shows per month with small bands (mixed genres). Because we've got new bands every time, we cannot program their show in and therefore have to mix it on the fly and manually. We are using the Leap Frog 48 with the current ZerOS operating system together with a small setup of conventional lighting, LEDs and moving heads. But we are still struggeling to set up the console to fit our needs. Maybe someone could help us to fix our two main issues:

1. We would like to use the top section of the faders (red) to control our conventional lighting as usual. Currently, our LEDs and moving heads are configured by the MFKs and contrtol wheels or by an external touch screen. For our shows it would be much easier and quicker if we could take the lower section of the faders (green) to control the brightness of the fixtures and ideally for fixture groups. But we'd like to keep the other settings as it is. Is it possible to let the color, beamshape, gobo, ... of the fixtures be controlled via the MFKs and simultaneously set the brightness by faders in the green section? The only solution i can see, is to write own fixture libraries without the brightness channel and set it manually to the desired fader. Ideally we could use - as an example - the first 12 faders to set the brightness of individual fixtures and the following 12 for fixture groups.

2. We have some scenes programmed to the submaster section and controlling the most part of the show manually. Therefore we have to use the clear button multiple times to use the submasters again. Is there a way to set the lights manually and call a submaster which overwrites the current settings? After fading the submaster out, the console should return to its previous settings. Maybe we are using this part completely wrong? As a solution i can think of programming each property to a submaster. But then i do not use the MFKs anymore and have filled all submaster pages.

Best regards,

Philipp Moret


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Hi Philipp,

Apologies for my delay in replying. 

1 - Yes this is possible. The green faders are preset B, which are fixture numbers 25 through 48. Therefore simply tap SETUP, select your LED fixtures, and renumber them to be in the range of 25 - 48. If Dimmers are currently patched onto preset B which you aren't using, press and hold preset flash 25, and tap preset flash 48, to select 25 - 48. Then tap DELETE, to delete all of these fixtures from your show. Then you have renumbered your fixtures, tap SETUP, and then tap SPECIAL. Under Channel Button on the MFKs, this will allow you to configure the channel buttons to be Select buttons, meaning these buttons can select your LED fixtures, allowing you to use the MFKs and encoders to control them. 

2 - You can change the channel fader preset mode to HTP rather than LTP. To do this tap SPECIAL -> Preset Mode -> HTP.

Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know.


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