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Led and moving light with Jester 24/48 ! good experience !

van den abbeele Eric

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To speak about the quality of good equipment from Zero

Before having the FLX, I had a show to do with traditional projectors, ParLed and Wash Moving Light.

So I was on LanBox on Mac. there was a crash of the Lanbox 5 hours before the premiere. Can not restart.

Then in the theater there was a jester 24/48.
So a lot of DMX circuits and only 48 faders.

So I took a blank page to see how to group things together and get everything in with the 48 faders

And thanks to the DMX patch of the Jester which allows to allocate the 512 DMX circuits as you want on the Faders, I was able to group colors, intensity control and make that I can control the TILT and PAN of the wash .

So my other chance was that the choreographer wanted only hot or cold and no colors. (Only white, Amber and blue were my 3 colors on the PARLEDs and moving light)

So I was able to reconstruct the whole show and save it thanks to Jester 24/48.

1 circuit controlled all the general intensities. And I played on white, amber and blue by groups of projectors.
I was able to rebuild front and back areas as well as right to left.

Grouping the traditional ground right and left, and it was a beautiful show.


What is just a pity is that this simple console is no longer for sale, because for small theater with traditionnel projectors and just few LED, it is a serious construction and especially more logical in use by report to Botex, Stairville, Berhinger and all the small consoles found on the right or on the left.

And I'm very happy to have been able to buy a Jester 24/48 just before its end! Because it serves me as console auxilaire.

I put on it the traditional projectors that I want to be able to access live. I always have a spare kit, side projectors and face in case of crash of the main console.
It also serves me for the fog machine, stroboscopes and other small machines in the genre.

Thank you Zero 88

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Hi Eric,

I think there is all praise to you for being able to salvage the show in the case of a pretty catastrophic equipment failure! Well done, glad to hear the show went well and I hope the director was appreciative. They were fortunate to have someone with your experience and knowledge on the show!

I think now the feature set of Jester is well and truly outclassed by the FLX S range, particularly now LED is the norm even for our general cover lighting. I think the pricing of the FLX S24 is such that there would be no point in still selling Jester. At the very bottom end of the price market (say <500 GBP/Eur) there are plenty of low cost manufacturers like the ones you list. But I don't think they will ever compete in a realistic sense with offerings like those from Zero88.

Well I suppose they might have up-to-date manuals 🤣... 😈



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