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Guest Javi

Help! I can't connect a Fat Frog zero 88

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Guest Javi


I'm a boy from Spain that works at the theater of one school.

I've got twenty four lamps conected. I've got a Demux 44 and it has four outputs of dmx that goes to the old lighting desk but the problem is that the zero 88 hasn't got four dmx outputs, it has only one what have I got to do help me please!!

I've got an act next month help, help!

Thanks for all.


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Me confunden levemente pues su inglés no es grande. Si usted explica en español entonces puedo intentar y utilizar software y un poco mi conocimiento para traducir. Apesadumbrado si usted no puede entender esto fue hecha usando software de la traducción.







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Hi Javi,


I doubt that "demux" is a dimmer. Zero88 Demux48 is a demultiplexing unit creating analogue signals for dimmers that don´t have DMX ...


try to put a DMX cable with 5 pin XLR connector from your desk´s DMX output to your demux´s DMX input then everything should be under control of the desk.


The other four cables are definitely non DMX so beware of putting them to your desk.




Lightdesk :mrgreen:


DMX cable


Demux 48 (demultiplexes 48 chans of DMX to 48 chans +/- 10V DC


I wish you success



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