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van den abbeele Eric

Problem on FLX

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I ve had a answers from Keith Rogers. 


So now I m just asking If I can try to go on 7.9.5 for the 4 last performance I have until 8/9 July... Or if it s better to stay on 7.9.4. and wish in all the case to haven't a fatal Crash and having no more FLX for doing lastest performance ... With all that can be negative for future performance... 

I ve no one beside me with a FLX to share or Rent... 


Thank for your help 




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Hi Eric,

I'd stay with 7.9.4 for your shows. Do you have effects? Migrating to 7.9.5 without time to review what the impact of 7.9.5 might be on your effects would not be wise in the middle of your production run. Anyway I had a desk freeze with 7.9.5 the other day so there is no guarantee your crash concern has gone away. Yes, I experienced a number of desk lockups too on FLX with 7.9.4.

I'm in a production run now on 7.9.5 and hoping for no more misbehaviour (dress rehearsal went ok last night)...

Good luck!


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Hi Eric,

As Kevin says, if you wish to load your ZerOS 7.9.4 show file into ZerOS 7.9.5, make sure you have plenty of time to work through it to ensure it looks the same as you programmed it. As mentioned in the release notes, effects may be slightly different in ZerOS 7.9.5 due to the updated effects engine.

ZerOS 7.9.5 does include many performance enhancements, we are trying to find what caused the random lockup Kevin mentioned. 

14 hours ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

Fixture will be delete too ? Or fixture that I ask and have installing on FLX must be install again ?

All user fixtures will be removed when performing a software update. If you have user files contained in your show file, these will be loaded in with the show file. If you have custom fixtures that aren’t contained in Fixture Library 37, your easiest option would be to use the Fixture Editor software for PC to import all fixtures into a single .ift file, and then simply load it into the console. I would also recommend you email these fixtures to us at FixtureSupport@zero88.com, so that we can contain them in the next Fixture Library update. 

Hope this helps,


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Thank you for your answers.

In fact last 4 shows at the level of effects and memories to zero.

(Only one show uses the previous implementation because spotlighting projectors are identical ...)

So if 7.9.5 is different mainly in terms of effects it is not for me embarrassing.

What worries me the most is that my different versions are non-software but hardware as evoked in another post or mail ...

And so, that's what we did, these are the ones that were mounted on the screen and on the scene without moving the fader, or the micro interruptions of current in the traditional projectors that I had time in time this last WE.
The worry is that all this is random. Sometimes nothing for 2 or 3 hours and then suddenly it comes and repeats several times. That is to say that even send in service after sale, I do not know if all this will be seen like that ...

In any case thank you for your help and I'm still thinking about this or not staying on 7.9.4 ... or 7.9.5 .....

See you soon


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