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Eurolite TS-255 Scanner

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Hi there,

Can someone please help me with a fixture profile for the Eurolite TS-255 Scan?

I see the profile from the list, however it does not say the number of channels/mode and when its patched in, only the movement effects are available from the FX window and Chases and Mark On is disabled, is that meant to be like that?


Thanks very much


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Hi Dan,

This is correct looking at the fixture file. The movement effects are the only auto-effects that can be applied to this fixture. The reason intensity effects such as chases aren't available, is due to the fact this scanner doesn't have an intensity parameter, only a shutter parameter.

A tip to quickly find the number of DMX slots a fixture uses - tap Add Fixtures, find the fixture, click Next, and type in a quantity greater than 1. The Patch Offset will display the DMX count of that fixture in brackets.

Hope this helps,


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