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van den abbeele Eric

Switch between FLX / Mac OS (Capture) / Wifi hotspot

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Just need a clarification.
Until now I had an Ethernet cable crossed between the MACBOOKPRO and the FLX.

But I want to be able to use an Ethernet switch. Because I want to take a Wifi kiosk in a few week, wich to control the FLX with Iphone or Ipad.

So to go from the FLX to the Switch and the switch to the computer, I take straight or crossed cables?

thank you so much


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Hi Eric and Jon,

does not every Ethernet switch nowadays have a auto-negotiation function and can detect if there is a cross or not cross cable connected?
I work a lot in this topic and I think it does. So in my opinion it shouldn't matter which cable you use. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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Hi Martin,

I almost went down this route in my reply, but thought that it was adding unnecessary complexity.

It’s certainly true that a lot of devices do - the MacBook Pro certainly, and probably the switch. However, I couldn’t guarantee this, and “correct procedure” would be to use a crossover cable in this situation.

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Thank you both for this answer ...

1 / Second question, on the side of the switch is it necessary to take one that can be parameterized? Or a standalone switch will work without worries?

2 / This brings another question on a wifi terminal.

IF so I have a cross cable between FLX and the Switch
Cross cable between Switch and MAc.
I imagine that for the Wifi terminal, it will be the same.
Cross cable of the switch to the WIFI terminal?





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