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Manual... Last version ... Or video on youtube for show 7.9.5 ?

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  • van den abbeele Eric changed the title to Manual... Last version ... Or video on youtube for show 7.9.5 ?

Hello again,


Tonight I return on Zero 88 video on Youtube, and perhaps it s time for making news videos with the new ZerOS. 

Because I so Older video that show old ZerOS version... Window and things was different 3 years ago...

Think about ... So it s sure that in my side, I will do video in French for new users.... 


Take care and have a good week, 



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Hi Chris and Eric,

5 hours ago, stowedout said:

Remember a FLX video is not just for Christmas guys😂<span>

Haha very true! There is a list of requested tutorials growing. We plan to create these at the most convenient time to future-proof them - we will create them when we know there won’t be large operational/UI changes for a while!

All the best,


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It will be great... Do not forget that a satisfied customer will be your best ambassador. And that, to take preference over other reputable desktops, it is the users, the technicians who talk to each other who will be able to make the FLX enter more and more places!

For my part and despite my concerns (evoked in another post, projectors that turn on alone without touching the fader which is zero ...), I love your FLX and its ease of use !

And wish to contribute to this !

See you soon



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