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Tim James

'Home' and 'Default' not doing what I expect

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I am still quite new to programming the Solution so forgive me if this is a basic error, but I can't find the answer in the manual.

I have a number of very small moving head wash lights (Orbit-70 from Gear4music) - they're not spectacular but they are cheap enough that I can buy 12!

I have created a fixture for them using fixture tools - because they have 180degree tilt and 270degree pan I have set the default home positions in the fixture profile to 50 and 66 - so that they point vertically downwards when you press 'home.' However, this didn't seem to transfer when I loaded the fixture profile into the desk with the USB stick. They were going to 0,0 whenever I pressed 'home.'

I did then edit the home position on the desk (I couldn't find the 'edit fixtures' setting mentioned in the manual, but I am running 9.4 software) but I did find a way to change it, and now the fixtures go to the correct place (50,66) when I press home. However, I've created a number of cues using these lights and saved to a submaster/cue stack, and when I pull the fader back to zero, the movers go back to 0,0. They go back to the correct place when I raise the fader again, but of course the light comes on too and sweeps across the stage which looks terrible!

Am I doing something wrong, or is the a bug? it's the first time I've created a fixture profile with the tools and I think I've done it correctly, but would be grateful for any advice?

I'll try and attach the fixture profile file in another message.


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Ah - I might have found the issue - am I right in thinking that the desk uses percentages (0-100%) but the fixture editor goes by absolute values? So if it's a 16bit pan and tile 60 and 50 are very close to the start points anyway - should I be using  43690 for the pan and 32768 for the fixture profile?

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Hi Tim,

Yes that’s correct. The fixture editor software requires raw values, and therefore for 16bit parameters this is a value of 32,768 for 50%. 

The reason the fixtures go back to 0,0 when playbacks are released, is also due to not having 50/50% pan and tilt home values in the fixture file. Unless you modify the fixture file, you will also have to update the console’s default values. For more information on this, take a look at the article below for adjusting home values...


For editing defaults see here...


Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know. 


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