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Samuel Wearing


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Hi I am interested in purchasing a FLX S24 but I have some questions,

I have learned that you can upgrade to enable 2 universes how much does this cost or can I purchase one with 2 universes already?

if I have 2 universes available how would I access the channels on universe 2?

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It coast £300. Hear you can find an Introduction about it https://zero88.com/manuals/universe-upgrade-instructions.pdf 

And yes, you can purchase also directly one with 2 universes. That is cheaper. At the end of the product site are the different order codes https://zero88.com/products/consoles/flxs/index.shtml 


By patching your fixtures you can choose not only the DMX channel, you can also change the Universe. So you are couplet flexible. 

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Hi Samuel,

All FLX S24 consoles have a limit of 48 fixtures (FLX S48 consoles have a limit of 96 fixtures).

A fixture is a “physical device” - an LED unit, a moving light, a smoke machine, etc.

1U consoles also have a limit of 512 DMX channels. That means, if you wanted to patch 48 moving lights, each one could only take up approx 10 DMX channels each before you run out - which is not very many by today’s standards. However, it’s usually not a problem as most people only want to patch a handful of moving lights, and the rest are LEDs, dimmers etc (which usually only take up a few DMX channels each, freeing up the rest for “larger” moving lights).

A 2U console doubles the number of DMX channels available (to 1024), meaning each moving light can now take up 21 DMX channels each (there is still the same limit of 48 physical devices).

You can choose to purchase either a 1U or a 2U console. If you choose the 1U console, you can upgrade it online at any time - zero88.com/upgrade - the current cost is £250+VAT

Hope this helps? Feel free to ask more questions!

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