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How to turn on the LCD display brightness without a monitor.

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The manual, p34, says "If the LCD Backlight or Contrast have been set to unreadable values, you will need to connect a monitor to be able to navigate to this menu and set readable values.".

It seems your only other option is to know the menu structure and be able to navigate to the required menu item blind.

I don't have a Jester - Edward might be able to supply the "footsteps" you need to navigate blind from a cold desk start...


https://eaton.nanorep.co/storage/nr1/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3A205D35/22/Jester Manual 3.4.pdf

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To reset the console, these are the keys you'll need to press:

Enter Setup, by holding SHIFT and holding MODE, then Arrow down 10 times, and press ENTER. Then Arrow right, and press Enter, which will reset the console. Then hold MODE to leave Setup.

To change the Main LCD contrast, again enter Setup, then arrow up 5 times, and press ENTER. Then press ENTER, and hold the up arrow to raise the Back light, and press ENTER. Then arrow down, and press ENTER, and then hold the up arrow to raise the contrast. You should then be able to see your way out of the menus.

You may find that using Phantom Jester on PC helps you find your way around the menu structure. Phantom Jester allows you to emulate Jester ML24 on your PC. You can download Phantom Jester for PC here...


Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know.


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