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van den abbeele Eric

help between FLX and Art Net...

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I have a question about Art Net?
I have never used this system, having always had until now light consoles using the DMX connection.

0 / On the FLX, there are 2 worlds in DMX and 2 universes in Art-Net.
I imagine that to make this work, I need a compatible box Art-Net, an ethernet cable, and connect everything to the FLX ...

1 / Are there Art-Net boxes more reliable and easier to use than others?

2 / Once the FLX on one side and Art-Net Box on the other connected together, I imagine that all must be done by IP address?
The setting of the FLX seems to me simple through "SETUP", but what about the Art-Net Box?

Thank you for your help and support to a novice in Art Net

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Hi Eric,

By default when you enable Art-Net on FLX, this will output your 4 (or 8,) DMX universes on Art-Net universes 0 through to 3. This will be output on a 2.x.x.x IP address however can be changed to a 10.x.x.x IP address. Therefore the device you are wishing to control also has to have either a 2.x.x.x or 10.x.x.x IP address, and a subnet of Art-Net gateways vary from different manufacturers. To change their IP address, you can either do it on the unit itself through a user interface, or remotely over the network, by logging in to the device with a browser. 

There are various Ethernet gateways available, that allow you to convert multiple universes of Art-Net into DMX lines. For example, we have our EtherN.8 8 universe gateway, and EtherN.2 2 universe gateway. Gateways can usually be remotely configured. For example on FLX, if you have an EtherN.8 connected, it will appear in the Network Devices tab of Setup, and allow you to remotely configure which universe is output from each port.

In terms of topology, if you just have a single gateway on the network, you can connect with a single Ethernet cable (CAT5e or CAT6 are most common), directly from the FLX to the gateway. If you have other devices on the network, you will need an Ethernet switch that you can plug all your devices into, and it will then do the job of routing information to and from the right ports. 

The networking guide attached to the article below may help you out...


If you have any more questions, just let me know.


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Hi Eric,

27 minutes ago, van den abbeele Eric said:

if I need to go to a third universe (ethernet), both outputs DMX 1 and 2 remain functional?

That's correct.

The base FLX has 4 universes of DMX output, therefore 2 of these DMX universes could be from the XLR connectors, and the other universes could be transmitted using Art-Net over an Ethernet network.

Hope this helps,


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