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So I am having issues,

When I bring up a sub master which has programmed on it a smoke machine, with a memory running which includes a few fixture running effects, Martin Macs in this case, the macs go to the off position, is there a way to stop this?

Also the submasters latch on until another submaster or memory is played any guidance would be helpful

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I've no idea how this is set up on the Jester, but essentially what has happened, is when you programmed for the smoke machine, you also captured the data for the MACs into the submaster. This means that when you raise the sub for the smoke machine, the MACs are moving to whatever state they were when you set up for programming the sub for the smoke. This is normal LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) rules. This is also why the results don't change until another memory or submaster is played. When lowered, the submaster needs to be set to "release". Sorry I don't know how to do this on the Jester, but maybe with this info you can hit the manual until Edward comes along to answer...


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As Kevin has explained, it sounds like the MACs have accidentally been recorded into your Smoke machine Submaster. There are a couple of reasons this could have happened.

Firstly, the console maybe in Full Programming mode. When in this mode, if you tap the Program button, a snapshot of the console’s output will be captured. When in Partial Programming Mode, only tagged parameters will be stored. Tagged parameters are parameters you have adjusted manually, indicated by a white background in the encoder LCDs. You can change the programming mode by holding SHIFT + MODE to enter Setup, and then arrow down to <Record Options>. Partial is the default. 

Therefore to solve this, ensure the console is in Partial Mode, ensure the Smoke machine is the only fixture tagged, and program onto a submaster. 

10 hours ago, pb_blue said:

Also the submasters latch on until another submaster or memory is played any guidance would be helpful

The reason you’re seeing this is as Kevin says, pushing that submaster up is the latest command you have sent to the fixture. This is due to LTP (Latest Takes Precedence) behaviour. If you lower the submaster, a new command is not sent to the fixtures, and therefore they remain doing what they’re doing until they are given a new command.

Hope this helps, if you have any queries let me know.


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