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FLX compatability with W-DMX G5

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Hi guys

Has anyone experience of using the FLX with the W-DMX G5 products? I cannot get a glitch free signal:

The movers suddenly and randomly all twitch together, some lights randomly flash full on simultaneously. It will hold good for 5 mins and then start a run of glitches every few seconds. Then hold good. All lights get the same glitch signal independent of Tx unit or Rx unit.

I have turned off RDM on the FLX.  If I take the W-DMX Tx box out and insert a Stairville compatible Tx box, I get the same glitch. If I have four separate Rx units all on different addresses, the four fixtures, all twitch the same time in the same direction so the erroneous signal is going out to all units and is identical (Substitute a wire, it is not there).

Help gratefully received!


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I haven’t personally used FLX with W-DMX G5 products.

I would have thought if the DMX signal is fine from FLX over wire, this same signal will be transmitted wirelessly, and so you should in theory receive the same quality of data. If the TX box has a DMX out port, have you tried plugging in a terminator?

Are the W-DMX products on the latest firmware?

All the best,


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If you want more specific info I will give it to you. I had to look at the wireless card in the fixture Prolights Stark 400 to work this out sending serial numbers and software versions to W-DMX. It is to do with frequency hopping I understand. But quite surprising that one wireless Rx unit with a problem in a fixture  can upset every fixture (even those on different G5 Rx - Stairville-  units without the problem). Initially you think it is the desk or the Tx W-DMX T1 G5 as the only possible cause .....

Waiting for the fix at the moment as G3 is not exactly the most up to date solution in a new light!!

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