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Hi Mac,

I think it would be easier to discuss this over the phone. I have repeated my steps above with a real setup, and it is working correctly. 

Feel free to send me an email with a time that is convenient to discuss this over the phone. 

If you have any questions let me know. 


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Hi Ed, I have been plodding away and now have some sort of control although tenuous.

So I have only concentrated on the tracking and Artnet output via the network node with one fixture at the end of it.

My addressing is as follows as the network node manual stated Network Node IP to be set to and the Console Using the format you suggested I adjusted them all to the following:

Network Node -

Console (Artnet Primary) -

Tracking Backup (Master) -


Remote -

Laptop IP -

When operating the console all looks well and outputting to network node with fixture doing as it should.

I take control on the laptop but the Artnet IP address chosen is which is marked (Not available) when I change this to I now have control of the fixture.

When I take control on the FLX selecting (synchronize with Master) all works fine.

I take control on the laptop again but have to change the Artnet IP address again to as was chosen (again)

This is repeatedly the case.

But on occasions when testing the changeovers the console Primary Artnet IP changes to and I have to change that back to  So same type of problem as the laptop with both those addresses causing the confusion. When this happens the Tracking Backup window on the laptop disappears but when I change the IP on the console after a few seconds it initiates again.

Any ideas please.....  am I not saving and selecting the right option when taking control on either device i.e. choosing Master when it should be Backup or vice versa....??




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Hi Mac

It sounds like you are not using the Primary ArtNet IP under SETUP -> Universes -> ArtNet on FLX. Under ArtNet IP you have static, DHCP, Primary and Secondary. Primary will be a predefined 2.x.x.x. For the purposes of this choose Primary, rather than a static IP. This Primary IP will have a subnet of that cannot be configured. This will be good for your network.

When PhantomZerOS takes over for the first time, you’ll have to choose the correct IPs. When the FLX takes back control, you will receive a pop up saying the show files are not synchronised. The reason for this is the network settings have been changed within Phantom. To save these, you therefore need to take the show from the Backup, not the master. If you choose to take the Master’s show file, the changes you made in Phantom will be lost, and therefore you will see the IPs on Phantom before you configured them. 

FLX will then take control. It now means future control transfer from Master to Backup, should be seamless and use the laptop’s Ethernet IP for ArtNet. 

Let me know how you get on. 


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