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Keyboard Shortcuts for FLX S (using a USB Keyboard or ZerOS Monitor)

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Hello, is there a list of keyboard shortcuts for the FLX S consoles for when I'm using a USB keyboard in the console, or for ZerOS Monitor App on a remote PC or iPad?

I have worked out a few., eg selecting / adding / excluding channels. 

Are there commands for 

  1. Select "1 THRU 10"
  2. Selecting attributes
  3. Thru
  4. Record
  5. Update
  6. Delete
  7. etc.

There is a list on page 5 on the FLX Training Guide ( https://eaton.nanorep.co/storage/nr1/kb/2AD62C9/3879A76B/3AF13603/5/Zero 88 Training Session - FLX training notes.pdf ), but what about for the FLX S models?

 NB:- the "@" symbol on Australian keyboards is on the number 2, whereas in the FLX is expects it to be on 8.  So SHIFT+"8" gives me the "@".

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Matthew,

A list of keyboard shortcuts compatible with a keyboard/ZerOS Remote Monitor connected to FLX S can be found here...


We are looking to extend this list in future.

The syntax page in the FLX training notes is also applicable for FLX S, with the exception of a few buttons FLX S doesn't have. This syntax guide is available here...


(I have removed your duplicate post in "ZerOS Apps" so we can keep all information for the subject in one place)

Hope this helps,


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