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Non-Volatile RAM retention test failed

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Hello, I have turned on our Leapfrog 96 desk to find the error message

'Non-Volatile RAM retention test failed, The internal battery may need replacing - please contact a service agent.'

I can press OK and use the desk faders OK but can't seem to get the desk to save any MFKs (they disappear if I turn off the desk, and I have to redo the adding fixtures process)

Please can you advise?


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You receive this warning message if the console's internal battery has gone flat. This also explains why the Playbacks aren't being saved.

Battery replacement is quick and easy, if you feel confident opening up the console. Leapfrog consoles contain a standard 3v CR2032 coin cell battery. 

If you would rather not open the console up, you can either contact your most convenient Zero 88 Distributor who will be able to help you out, or you can send us an email to support@zero88.com and we'll be able to arrange this. 

Hope this helps,


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