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Solution Playback/Submaster issues

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Does anyone else experience issues with the latest update to ZerOS on the Solution desk whereby the Submasters (or Playbacks as they are now)  and master Go button do not operate as expected? I can have 3 or 4 subs loaded, all with identical settings but some will operate as subs, allowing 2 channels or states to be run together but another one will take over and blackout the first. eg Houselights on one sub and a stage preset on another, with maybe some more circuits on a third. Does the state on the sub need to be recorded with Tracking? Sometimes turning the desk off and restarting it, or saving to usb and reloading seems to solve the problem.

Also, the Master Go button would not advance and trigger cues although the fader would operate to move through the cues. I have double checked in Settings and all would appear to be correct. Again, sometimes reloading a show, or turning desk off and on again seems to make a difference. It all seems a bit random and I am now starting to think there may be a firmware or desk issue.

Any ideas?


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Hi Simon,

This sounds as though the playback's Intensity Mixing and the Fader Function have been changed. The default Intensity Mix for a playback is HTP. It sounds however like yours may be LTP, meaning that when you raise a playback, fixtures controlled by this playback will go to the intensity level of this playback, rather than mix. The default Fader Function is HTP Master, meaning the fader will scale the intensity of the currently active cue. Other options allow for the fader movement to advance the cues. 

All of these settings can be found in the Playback Settings, by holding SETUP and tapping the Playback you wish to configure. 

You are more than welcome to drop us an email to support@zero88.com with a copy of your show file, and one of the team will be able to take a look and see where the issue may be.

Any queries just let me know.


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