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Showtec Spectral M1500 Q4

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My Showtec Spectral M1500 Q4 fixtures do not seem to be supported by ZeroOs.


I have tried Showtec Spectral 1500 Zoom but the “FULL” 25 Channels do not work. When using 17 Channel or Tour Mode the colours work OK. Trying to Zoom causes the Fixture to hang up.


I am a Mac user and cannot use your Fixture Tools. What can I do?

The manual is here:  https://www.highlite.com/media/attachments/MANUAL/43547_MANUAL_GB_V1.pdf


Best regards



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Hi Pete:

Requesting new fixture profiles

To requests new fixtures, please email us, ensuring you supply full details of the fixture (Make, Model, Mode) and a download link to the Operating Manual.


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Hmmm, interesting. I posted a similar fixture request to the fixturesupport email on Monday at 10:04, got an auto-ack email at 10:05 and Tyler emailed on Tuesday at 16:24 to say someone would look at it within a day.

Edward/Tyler usually look at the Forum daily so I'm surprised it's not been picked up by now. Could you try the email again and check you get the auto-ack email within a few minutes?



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Hi Pete,

37 minutes ago, FLX S24 said:

Thanks for the reply.

I sent an email on Sunday evening to that address and I still have not received a reply. It is now Wednesday.


There have been quite a few fixture requests since Christmas however the team are working through them. We'll get back to you with a fixture file ASAP.


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