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How do I find my ZerOs version number?

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I have just purchased a FLX S24 for use in my theatre, I am learning something new every few minutes.

I cannot find my ZerOS version number as I am not sure if I am running the current version.

I have tried to load the the latest software but it is not acceptable.

What can I do?


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To find the software version tap Z/Shift -> System Information. This will open the Desk Info window, and in here is a line of text displaying Software Version. The current release software is ZerOS 7.9.4, available to download from our website here...


Depending on the age of your FLX S24, you may find you are running ZerOS If so this is the latest for your console, and you will not be able to install ZerOS 7.9.4.

Included in the software download are the ZerOS 7.9.4 release notes, which contain installation instructions.

To install, download the software, extract/unzip the files, and then copy the ZerOS 7.9.4 OS USB Creator executable file to the root of a USB stick. Plug this USB stick into the console, tap SETUP -> Load File, and load the software update in. The console will then perform the software update. Software updates completely reset the console, so make sure you save your show file first if you need it- you will then be able to load it back into the console when the new software is installed.

Hope this helps, any queries let me know.


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14 minutes ago, FLX S24 said:

Thanks Edward.

It is The console is brand new.


Great, in that case your software is up to date. ZerOS 7.9.5 will be released later this year.


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