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Effects - Fly In: Intensity Duration

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Evening All,

Does anyone have any tips for the control of the intensity duration on the Fly In and Fly Out effects please.  I can control the speed of the movements etc but not intensity which results in it going on and off before/after I need it to.......??

I have played with the encoder values and waveforms but no joy as yet.

Merry Xmas  !!

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Hi Mac,

If you aren’t finding you have enough control using Fly In, try using a Vertical Line effect alongside a different Intensity effect. You can then tap the EFFECT key to page through the encoders to adjust the parameters of each individual effect.

Alterntatively, when playing back an effect, try using the Speed Override control to adjust the speed of the running effect separately from the size. To do this record your effect to a playback, view that playback (hold VIEW and tap the playback’s button), and then tap Z, and use the second encoder wheel to speed up or slow down the effect. You can also then assign Speed Override to a playback fader, by holding SETUP and tapping an empty playback’s button.

Hope this helps, 


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