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Chase with colour? Jester ML24

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Hi all,

Just starting off, and I was wondering how to program a chase with different light fixtures having different colours like, red, green, blue, on a Jester 24 ml, if it is possible?

I managed to program a chase but as soon as i tried to change to the fixture and colour palette section it would end the chase. 

Help would be much appreciated, sorry its not very clear,

thanks Tom

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Hi Tom,

To program a colour chase on the Jester ML24, first make sure you're in Program mode, select your fixtures, and create the colour you wish them to be in in the first step of your chase. You can do this by using any colour palettes you may have pre-recorded, or directly use the wheels. Then choose where you want to store to, whether that be a submaster or a memory, and hit the red store button. Then use the encoders or palettes to create the next colour for your chase, choose the same submaster or memory, and hit store again. You will be presented with a message, asking you what you would like to do. Choose <Make Chase> and click OK. To create the third colour for your chase, if you use the encoder wheels, you can simply tap store when you're happy to record straight into step 3 of the chase. If you use palettes, this will be brought into the main LCD, and you will therefore have to go back to your chase and insert step 3. To do this, again select your chase you are in the process of making (tap its submaster button or use the Up/Down arrows to choose your memory), and then tap the right arrow key to hover over the Step field, arrow down to choose the last step, and then tap INSERT. You will see a step number marked with an asterisk will be displayed to indicate you can store onto it, and then tap the red store button to save the step. Repeat this process for any further steps.

Hope that helps, any queries let me know.


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