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FLX losing time on shutdown

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Yes that is correct, FLX uses an internal CR2032 3v coin cell battery for the clock.

This is a quick and easy replacement, if you feel happy you can open the console up yourself. If your console is still within warranty, you may want to get this replaced under warranty by your chosen Zero 88 distributor.

If you would like access instructions or would like to see if your console is still in warranty, please drop us an email to support@zero88.com, along with your console's serial number.

Any queries let me know.


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Hi Edward,

Could you write a short KB article on replacing the internal battery on FLX - specifically which screws need removing, and any other tricks to access the battery (ribbon cables etc!).

I'm not in this position yet, but as my FLX is now just over 3 years old it might be a job I need to attend to at short notice...



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