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I recently installed PhantomZeroOS to be able to gain experience of the controller on my pc as there I need to learn how to use it a bit more before the event but I don't have access to the controller.

I downloaded it but when it came to running it I chose OrbXF as the desk (the desk I need to get used to) but all the options below off monitors front panels and lcd's where greyed out, I thought nothing of it but when it came to pressing the go button it just displays a white screen for half an hour and then I checked in task manager and it had crashed, since then I have tried running it in compatibility mode but none of it seems to be able to get it to work.


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Hi George,

That sounds odd. Can you confirm you are running PhantomZerOS version 7.9.4? You can find out by clicking About.

It is correct that until you press Go, the tick boxes are greyed out, as Phantom ZerOS needs to know which console you are using before showing which windows are available to open. You should find when opening the software, you can choose the desk type from the drop-down, click Go, and then choose which windows you wish to Show or Hide with the tick boxes. 

Hope this helps,


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