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Can I use playbacks for mixing RGB channels live?

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If Playback 1 is red, Playback 2 green and Playback 3 blue (for choosen LED) , it´s possible to mix the Colour live (like a ordinary submaster will do)? 

Well, that will be nice.    

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First post, so please excuse the naivety...


We have recently purchased an FLX for use in a educational performance space. My questions relates to the way the FLX has to be set up for LED RGB Colour mixing. Using the guides above i am able to make this work easily, but my questions is more about why this is necessary...

Specifically, the need to use a latch button to ensure intensity is at 100 and the RGB channels are at 0 unless triggered by a programmed PB?

For example, I have PB 1-3 recorded as Red, Green, or Blue for a set of LED pars. I have recorded just a single colour parameter (R, G,or B ) and intensity of the fixture to the PB and set the fader to allow for colour control. If i then select all of the fixtures, and bring manually bring down the RGB levels to 0 using the touch screen, I can mix RGB using the PB's. However as soon as a fader hits 0 (<5%) the colour assigned to that playback with defaults to 100. 

I understand that recording the colour values at 0, and the intensity at 100 to a UDK allows me to work around this, but why is this step necesary? Why do the colour parameters default to 100%?


Sorry if this is a daft question. From exhaustive googling, i realise this seems to be t he only way to achieve this, but my mind keeps asking why...


Kind Regards





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Hi Olly,

I think that depends on the default fixtures values. In the normal fixture profiles it is programmend that all RGB Values are @ 100%. So when you select a fixture with a fader it will light up white when you moves the fader up. So the normal oparator do not have to select a color when he wants only light on stage.

I don't like this behaver, so it is good that i can change the default values on the FLX S desks with ZerOs 7.9.5 now.

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That makes a lot of sense. I hadn't considered the fixture profile default settings.


You suggest that these values can be changed? how would you do this? 

With the 7.9.5 OS, i have discovered that i can remove the "release" option when a fader is at 0. This prevents the default 100 values returning when the fader is down, however i still need to use a UDK to bring down the RGB values on startup or after programming a PB.


Thanks for your reply Erics

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As Eric says, this is due to the fixture defaults for RGB fixtures having Red, Green and Blue at full, to give white. For information on how to change this to achieve colour mixing, you can use the guide below...


This guide is for our Solution and ORB consoles, but you'll be able to use the same process.

For more information on configuring fixture Defaults, see the article below...


Hope this helps,


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