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MKF Sub-PCB for Leapfrog Consoles

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Is the MFK sub-board compatible with both the Leapfrog 98 and 48?

We have one fairly tired LF96 console that has a few sticky MFKs but we also have a fairly under-used LF48. I tried swapping the MFK sub board from the 48 to the 96 but while the keys themselves seemed to work, the display above them was blank. The two consoles are running different OS/firmware (the 48 has an older firmware, the 96 has the latest Beta) - could it just be a matter of updating the 48 and *then* swapping the MFK board?


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Looking at the Schematic's for this PCB - there's a DIP switch on there that probably sets an "ID" for each PCB once it's in the desk - multiple boards will need a unique ID setting. Check that the board you put in has the same DIP switch settings as the board you removed...

There's no processor as such on the PCB so there's no firmware to update - the ZerOS updates affect the processor board itself so doing an update won't cure the issue.

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